Supplements, The ultimate game changers

We all desire to have the perfect body. But to achieve a perfectly toned body, it is important to lose
weight. But what is even more important is to lose weight in the right manner. In the struggle of losing
weight, most of us turn to weird diet plans, unsuitable workout routines, and choose the wrong

To plan a proper diet you must refer to your dietician. Eating the right way while working out
determines how smoothly you can lose weight. Moreover, a lot of workout routines ultimately end up
injuring us. Hence, it is important to always work out under the guidance of a gym trainer. But apart
from all these important things related to losing weight, supplements are also a big determining factor
in your journey of shaping your body in a healthy manner. As said before, most people mistakenly
choose the wrong supplement. Let us keep in mind that losing weight does not mean becoming skinny.
If you are trying to lose weight, you aim to lose the fat and build muscles there. Here are supplements to
help you. While you are losing weight, you are needed to give your body enough amount of protein. You
can cover this protein intake by consuming protein-rich food. But if you feel that you are unable to gain
enough protein from food, then you can resort to supplements. Supplements help in providing protein
to your body so that your body can build muscles. Hence, while you lose weight you can gain the right
amount of weight that will help in toning your body better.

People should be aware of the existence of three kinds of supplements. Each of the three types of
supplements has an absolutely different influence on your body. But undoubtedly, if you choose the
right kind of supplement for your body, it will prove to be very beneficial.

Let’s take a closer look at the best supplements for weight loss and weight gain:

Protein Supplements-

Proteins are responsible for providing energy that we lose after working
out. Post-workout the muscles in the body tend to get as tired as you get. So, protein
supplements like whey protein substitute for providing protein to your body. High protein intake
helps in building a large number of muscles when you are losing a high amount of weight.

Muscle-Building Supplements –

Supplements like creatine and melatonin have more benefits
than is assumed. It increases the rate of muscle building, improves the hormones in the body,
and also helps us in managing our stress. In this way, muscle-building supplements initiate the
body’s nutrients to contribute largely in compensating for the fat burn and build more muscles.

Ergogenic Supplements –

As the name suggests, these types of supplements, provide you with a
lot of energy to work out so that you can push yourself a little more. It gives you the liberty to
do that one extra rep in the workout. It allows you to give your workout extra effort and does
not let you get exhausted. Moreover, the more you work out the more fat you burn. The more
fat you burn, the more muscles you can build up. Caffeine is a classic example of an ergogenic

Before we get to know more about these supplements let us know that if you want to lose weight you
can do it by following the healthy tips given below;

  • Try to lift weights
  • Increase the intake of protein in your diet
  • Get complete sleep
  • Eat healthy and clean and live a healthy lifestyle.
  • Keep a calorie count and adjust it according to your goal.

It is always recommended to follow these prominent methods to lose weight by being healthy.
However, supplements make it a little and fast for you to achieve the perfect body that you want. Let us
discuss the three types of supplements in more detail;

Protein Supplements

It is a proven fact that the more you have protein, the more muscles you can build. However, apart
from considering supplements as an option, you must opt for a protein that you can derive from food
items like, lean meat, eggs, Greek yogurt, fish, peas, etc. Protein supplements are the gold standard
type of proteins as they are not much processed. These protein supplements contain an amino acid that
stimulates the growth of muscles. It is one of the best supplements for weight loss and muscle gain.
The intake of protein supplements should be nearly 0-2 scoops a day depending on your body weight.
This determines how much muscle you can gain. But have protein supplements, only when you can
handle it within your system well.

Muscle-building Supplements

This is one of the powerful muscle-building supplements. It proves to be safe if it is used carefully.
Otherwise, it can cause cramps in the stomach if you do not consume it with enough water. Muscle-
building supplements like creatine, tend to provide extra fluids to the body and build 50% of muscles
during the first week of its consumption. After the initial stage of creatine consumption, it continues to
help the body in muscle building but in a less pronounced manner.

What is good about Creatine?

Creatine helps in making up for the extra round of reps that you usually do not get the energy to
do. Ideally, when people work out, they force themselves to do extra reps. But by that time they
are completely exhausted and do not want to give in more. Creatine helps the body in making
more muscles which the body might have made physically by exercising.

While we lose weight, we have to provide the body with food items that can help us build
muscles. The more you lose weight, the more muscle you need to build if you do not want to
have a lean body. Hence, creatine provides the body extra help in building up extra muscles.

Creatine dosage of 3-5 grams is recommended to be consumed once a day. It should be consumed by
dissolving it in a glass of water at any hour of the day but preferably in the morning or after the

Ergogenic Supplements

We can improve our strengths only if we challenge them by adding more effort with every progressive
day. This is how we become from thin to strong and then finally to muscular. Ergogenic supplements
like caffeine help consumers improve their physical performance. They make you feel a little more
energetic so that you can push yourself more while working out.
It will be wrong to compare caffeine with muscle-building supplements because caffeine is not directly
meant to build up the muscle in your body instead it gives you the boost to build up more muscles. In
short, it provides fuel to the engine and does not directly run the engine.
You can consume black coffee by sipping while workout and before the workout as well.

How to ask your doctor for weight loss pills?

A weight-loss plan might affect our bodies differently. Hence, if you are planning to lose weight, then at
first you must consult a doctor about how well your body will cope with your idea of weight loss and
other important things. The best option is to first meet the doctor whom you usually go to. If you find
that you need better insight into your weight loss then you may go to a dietician. Most of the time,
doctors themselves recommend the best in this business. So your doctor will recommend you a better
doctor on his/her own.
Now, once you meet the appropriate doctor, you must go to them with a few aspects prepared in your
mind like – Why do you want to lose weight? How are you planning to lose weight? What kind of diet
plan are you thinking of following ? etc.
Next, on visiting the doctor, they will have the questions to almost all your answers. However, if you are
wanting to know whether you can take weight loss pills or not but are wondering how to ask your
doctor for weight loss pills? then here are a few questions that you may ask.

  • Does my body need any medications?

This is very obvious. People do take medications while weight loss so that their body does not have to go
through any other problem.

  • Will my BMI support the amount of weight that I am planning to lose? You can be doubtful about whether your body will at all support your weight loss.
  • How much weight loss will my body entertain?
  • What benefits will I experience after weight loss?
  • What type of food items shall I avoid?
  • How can I know that my body is showing results?

Lastly, always stay connected to your doctor. As he/she is taking care of your medications they must be
aware of how the medicines are reacting in your body.


Why XOTH KETO BHB is the best supplement for weight loss and muscle gain?

XOTH Keto BHB is a perfect weight loss partner. It is a unique calorie-burning supplement that is made
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body but the body that you desired.

Which type of weight loss pill should I use?

You must choose weight loss pills very carefully for your body. Some pills do not work while some do not
suit the body. XOTH KETO BHB is quite a recommended weight loss pills because it is made naturally.
Moreover, it burns the thermogenic fat in the body. That means that the calories that it burns increases
the heat in the body which increases its consumer’s metabolism. This is a 60-day process that works
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